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Utah Safety & Emissions Inspections

Safety inspections are required once every two years for vehicles eight years old and younger. For example, all 2010 models do not need a safety inspection this year but will require one in 2012. If you own a 2003 or older vehicle model, you are required to obtain a safety inspection every year. You must do a safety inspection no earlier than two months prior to registration expiration date. For us to be able to do a complete safety inspection on your vehicle, your vehicle’s registration must be current at the time of service. Emission tests are also required once every two years for all vehicles less than six years old. This means that if your car was made in an even year, you are required to have an emissions test completed in even numbered years and those whose vehicle models are an odd number year must receive an emission test each odd number year. Vehicle models six years and older up to 1967 must obtain an emission test every year. As with a safety inspection, a vehicle emissions test can be done up to two months before your registration renewal date.

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